New Zeroland gets a new bike, and it is petrol powered!

OK, so the title of this article may be a bit clickbaity, but did you see Sam's newest video? Well, I did, and all I can say is that I was flabbergasted at the idea that his new bike was petrol, especially because, I sent him his new electric motorcycle! As I watched the video though, my feelings of "YOU BUTT!" morphed into "OMG, this guy is trolling the whole community!" I was quite impressed. While Sam started by trolling many into believing that he was getting a Lightning Motorcycle, behind the scenes, I had already sold and shipped him, and Jef Ikenn 2 of our test Energicas. We even had it specially converted to the NZ spec for Sam (mennekes). So I knew EXACTLY what was on the water for him, I was so excited to watch the video!

And then... it was a stinking single-cylinder Hyosang piece of junk which was clearly used? "Yeah, right, good joke buddy!" He then went on, and ON, even giving the same foolish reasons petrol heads poo-poo electric bikes, and I started to wonder... "Oh no... is this real?" There were some reassuring jokes that made me think mayyyybe this was still a joke, but I wasn't sure. I was concerned we had lost one of, if not our top electric motorcycle influencer.

In the end though, my confidence in all that is good and just was restored and Sam got super cool about his actual new bike! PHEW! So glad we didn't lose him. If you unsubscribed from his channel because he suddenly appeared to have munched on a box of stupid pills, fear not! Go back and finish watching the video and subscribe.

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